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CHAFA Industry Resources

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services No Surprises Act

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Ending Surprise Medical Bills

See how new rules help protect people from surprise medical bills and remove consumers from payment disputes between a provider or health care facility and their health plan

Explainers for Consumers

The following resources can help consumers understand their new protections:

Complaints about medical billing

Starting in 2022, insurance companies and plans, providers, and health care facilities must follow new rules that protect consumers from surprise medical bills. If you have a question about these rules or believe the rules aren’t being followed, contact the No Surprises Help Desk at 1-800-985-3059 to submit your question or a complaint. Or, you can submit a complaint online, below. We may ask you to provide supporting documentation like medical bills and your Explanation of Benefits. We’ll send a confirmation email when we receive your complaint to notify you of next steps and let you know if we need any additional information. To check on the status of a complaint, or to see what documentation is needed, contact the No Surprises Help Desk.

Filing complaints about a doctor, hospital, or provider

You may have a complaint about improper care (like claims of abuse to a nursing home resident) or unsafe conditions (like water damage or fire safety concerns). To file a complaint about improper care or unsafe conditions in a hospital, home health agency, hospice, or nursing home, contact your State Survey Agency. The State Survey Agency is usually part of your State’s department of health services.
To file a complaint about conditions at a hospital (like rooms being too hot or cold, cold food, or poor housekeeping) contact your State’s department of health services.
To file a complaint about your doctor (like unprofessional conduct, incompetent practice, or licensing questions), contact your State medical board.